Monstah Lifting Wrist Wraps

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Monstah Wrist Wraps is the only wraps you need to prevent wrist pain while training.

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About this item:
  • 🔰PREVENT WRIST PAIN & STRAIN!: No more wrist pain while working out at the gym! Crush your workouts by lifting more! Perfect wrist brace for working out & recovery.


  • 💪 MOBILITY & STRENGTH FOR ULTIMATE GAINS!: Choose between 2-Band wrist wraps with two built-in elastics protectors for wrist support & mobility or Extra Strength wrist wraps with four built-in elastics protectors, the most amount in any wrist wraps, giving you maximum wrist protection & muscle output.


  • 🥇#1 HEAVY DUTY WRIST WRAP SUPPORT!: Quad Stitching, sturdy thumb loop, strong closure, sleek & minimalistic. It takes only one workout to feel the difference. Voted best bench wrist wraps!


  • 🐻 ADJUSTABLE STRAP FOR PERFECT FIT!: Push through your toughest workouts with the ability to tighten or loosen your wrist straps, great for weight lifting, bodybuilding, cross fitness WODs , calisthenics, at home workouts, Monstah Lifting, Powerlifting, the Bench & more.


  • ❤️ LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT GUARANTEE! Once you try them you will never workout without it! If you don’t love it get your 💲 Back. Feel the difference in your next workout!

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Monstah Wrist Straps

Black with green stripes, Black with purple stripes, Black with red stripes, Black with white stripes, Black with yellow stripes

9 reviews for Monstah Lifting Wrist Wraps

  1. Graham Rankin

    I was surprised with the material, strong.

  2. Cassey Odle

    this when I was having some discomfort in my wrists when doing some
    Olympic lifts, especially when going heavier. This added great support
    while still allowing good range of motion. Took all the discomfort away
    for me, and allows me to go heavier on those Olympic lifts. Looks great
    as well! Highly recommend.

  3. Maariya Kramer

    these in June 2022 …. fabric is really good and comfortable and absorbs
    all the sweat. Great Product for the price.

  4. Paul

    these as I have one weak wrist caused from a fall. These are so simple
    but so effective. I can now lift dumbbells without causing any wrist
    twinges or ligament tears, especially doing dumbbell curls. Really
    pleased with these.

  5. Rob Gladstone

    really love the comfort and support it provides my wrists when I’m
    trying to go for a new PR. Definitely recommend it to anyone that is
    really heavy into lifting.

  6. Eleri Barnes

    wrist wraps feel great, durable, and flexible. They are comfortable and
    supportive but have room for movement and comfort. They also look
    really nice and far outperform competitors.

  7. Rafael Rivera

    Bought them after seeing someone else use them and loved them. No stress on my wrist and can push more weight!

  8. Jason

    My wrists were always sore the day after a heavy lift session (training 6 x per week).

    I wasn’t sure how much of a difference these were going to make but I’m glad I took a leap of faith!

    them every time I train now and they offer great support. No more sore
    wrists!! The only thing left to worry about is my bench PR 😉

    Quality is great – Velcro works great and is holding up just fine. Stitching is awesome with no issues there either.

    If you’re tired of sore wrists and just want to train I highly recommend these!

  9. Lisabeth Brennen

    are great. Get these over the other ones because they have a bull on
    them. You wanna lift weights like a big strong bull??? You wanna get
    STRONG like a big sting bull???? Buy your mind set. Grind. Lmao
    seriously tho, I bought them because iron bull just makes sense.

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